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Chia Sẻ [Kernel] cho Galaxy Note Edge N915K/L/S

Thảo luận trong 'Rom Note 4 Edge' bắt đầu bởi Huy Lê, 20/4/15.

  1. Huy Lê

    Huy Lê Developer



    - Main feauteres

    SELinux Permissive.
    init.d support.
    SM-N910, SM-N916, SM-N915 model, concurrent support.
    CPU Clock: A53 - 300 ~ 1600MHz, A57 - 500 ~ 2000MHz.
    GPU Clock: 160 ~ 700MHz (default 160 ~ 600).
    Advanced TCP / IP Congestion (Westwood & etc).
    Memory Bus, Internal Bus, Image Signal Processor voltage control.
    CPU Voltage control.
    GPU Voltage control.
    GPU DVFS Control.
    KSM (Kernel Sempage Merging, kernel shared memory, RAM usage optimization)
    Logger mode enable / disable.
    Fast Charge (by Yank555.lu) & Battery Calibration.
    Synapse App Support.
    Improve the graphics, memory management, and power management as N916S merged source code.
    N916S merge source code of open source graphics issues resolved with the latest firmware.
    PowerSuspend Driver (by faux123)
    Dynamic FSync
    Z-RAM (with LZ4 compression)
    Dynamic Dirty Page Writeback.
    faster memcopy & string
    EXT4 partition optimization.
    SELinux Tweak.
    Interactive Governor Tweak.
    Linaro Toolchain compiled the latest build that is optimized for the ARM family of cpu.
    Considering tweaking the kernel configuration and application of power efficiency and reliability.

    - Change log
    Re-adjust the CPU clock range, A53 @ 300 ~ 1600MHz, A57 @ 500 ~ 2000MHz
    , so feedback if there is a wide range of devices to reboot the clock ... (The one minutes ...)
    Re-adjust GPU clock range (160 ~ 700MHz)
    In WQHD resolution touch ssiphim & Trek phenomenon fix
    GPU throttle change the initial value, the pure state.
    Change some of the default values of the tuning items (For optimal Please change directly the app will not write Juicy hitter.)
    Display Hibernation on / off the log removal (too hard deogunyo many roots ;;;)
    Z-Ram device for increasing the number from one to four existing
    synapses You put words not only to create a script yet zram0 device.
    You can split four scripts at improvements to organize a raid.
    Sound re-add ZeneTune disappeared without a rumor.
    Add to kill ten seconds after GooglePlay service after boot complete (/system/etc/init.d-post/killapps).
    Data / WiFi internet is the main culprit of such yiraseo of battery life in standby device is not being use to initialize a time. If the problem please delete the files in that path.
    SM-N915 support start (test version has not been confirmed, even if the boot)
    * The reason behind the final version is attached to a private beta version was published a few times.

    - How to Apply
    Philz Touch, will flash in the recovery of such TWRP. CWM (Author Philz recovery test only.)
    Kernel configuration application: from Play Store Synapse Download.
    * Note: If you flash the kernel is initialized the data on the Synapse Apps.

    - We just kept asking me when.
    1. Do not ask what you can to save time, know yourself.
    2. The single-line Q & Feedback strictly prohibited.
    3. Short (no sex) Do not ask. Why do that symptoms occur (overly) Please explain in detail.

    - Notices
    1. The responsibility for any problems arising out of your use of the kernel is at your own risk.
    2. may cause Knox (security) and features that are relevant are issues such as private mode, do not recommend the use of those who think of these features is important.
    3. masigil not even like to ask questions about the problems with the device after flashing the route not.

    - Credit (Thanks to.)
    da4kgr3y, Mcaserg - n910c Ultimate Kernel source code
    AndreiLux - universal exynos 5433 kernel tech info
    UpInTheAir - SkyHigh Kernel (N915S / K / L)
    faux123, yank555.lu
    Samsung Opensource Developers


    Link download:
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    vandieutot Người đưa tin
    Ban Quản Trị

    Bác đã thử nghiên cứu cái vụ con S6 sang cho con này chưa bác ơi.
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  3. Huy Lê

    Huy Lê Developer

    khó quá bác ơi, tụi xda còn chưa port dc sang n4 mà

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